Business Development Dpt: communication to our customers

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Filippo Masoni , Cognetex business development Manager .

It is a  pleasure to inform you that Cogne Macchine Tessili Spa is a newco that from August 2014 has purchased the Cognetex branch from Sant’Andrea Novara Spa .
Cognetex is back in the textile market with all its portfolio of machines:
Cognetex is competiting again in the textile market with the major players .

The brand new Spare Parts Department, with more than 30.000 parts in stock, is ready to supply original parts for all the machines we marketed :
  • Tematex: MST7, MST9, MST 10 and older
  • Cognetex: IDEA, FTC, FL and older
                                 FRC300, SFC, SRB and older
                                 SC600, SC420, SC410, SC400 / SMC600 , SMC420 , SMC410 , SMC400, RC, RMC, ITR, ITV and older
                                 MSC8, MSC6, MSC3, MSC1 and older
  • SanGiorgio cotton spinning frames: FCG6, FCG7, FCG8 , FTG6, FTG7, FTG8, FCN and older
  • Cognesint: TS36, F9, M9 and older

We deal also with the major european companies of second hand machines to offer  services and original parts for Cognetex brand .
For any request of info please feel free to contact us :

Filippo Masoni
Business Development Manager