IDEA Spinning frame

The IDEA ring spinning frames series represent a true landmark in the evolution of spinning machines for worsted wool staple length fibres.

Designed to produce high quality at high speed, this line combines excellent performance with:
  • simple operation
  • low maintenance
  • low energy consumption
The multiple configurations available and the technological solutions offered make this series the optimal response to the most demanding requirements of the wool processing industry.


Compact Device

COGNETEX and SUESSEN signed a new contract for the cooperation in the field of Compact Spinning.

COGNETEX is a well reputed manufacturer of worsted ring spinning machines based in Italy and well known in the field of fine wool applications.

The SUESSEN EliTe ® Compact System was first introduced to the market at ITMA Paris 1999. In a short space of time, it achieved the reputation as being the most versatile Compact Spinning System and has been universally accepted as the preferred way to produce highest quality worsted compact yarns.

With this agreement COGNETEX is now in the position to supply new worsted ring spinning machines, type IDEA, equipped with the wellknown and reputed  EliTe ® Compact Spinning System.

Carpet yarn line

Preparation & spinning line