Stretch-break conveters: Cognetex vision about competitors

Dear Customer,
in the market you can choose among
the model Cognetex MSC8 from , the model Seydel Machinen Fabrick Gmbh 873 and the model NSC-N.Schlumberger S200 .

The tradition of Cognetex goes through the models Tematex , MSC1, MSC3,MSC6 and MSC8 machines  that have been well appreciated  in many markets and, thanks to the suggestions of the great chinese enduser Mr. Sun Jin Biao, we will deliver an updated version of the MSC8 after ITMA 2015.

Cognetex plant  in Imola is an indipendent company competiting in the market from August 2014, with a new ownership after many years inside Sant’Andrea Novara, Finlane Group and from the Cognetex plant have been  delivered many model 871-873 machines.

The model 873  from Seydel Machinen Fabrick Gmbh (now owned by NSC-N. Schlumberger)  is also very well known and appreciated in many markets.
Less than 8 years ago NSC-N.Schlumberger introduced in the market the S200 with some innovations .
The Cognetex R&D will continue to monitor the developments of the innovations but so far we prefer to continue with hydraulic pressure on cylinders and trasmission by oil gear boxes (instead of air and timing belts) AKSA-873 October 2014.

We  will continue to develop our MSC8 like N. Schlumberger and we'll do with the 873 model and the S200.

Roberto Aponi
General Manager Cognetex