Cognetex raises up again in the international market

Cognetex, fundamental brand from 60 years linked to the transformation cycle of textile fibers, continues to be present throughout the international market.

After the acquisition by the company COGNE MACCHINE TESSILI S.P.A., which took place in July 2014, the brand Cognetex returns on the market with all the machines in order to cover the production line from fiber to yarn.

“A restart is always complicated and full of obstacles. Our first objective is definitely to regain the trust of customers that in the last years, as a result of the management arrangements and choices of the previous property, suffered heavy discomfort and inconveniences with new machinery and especially with the service parts.- confirms Mr. Roberto Aponi, General Manager-For customers Cognetex doesn’t simply represent a brand, otherwise Cognetex identifies a company, a story and a dedicated customer service. Our new start may only begin with apologies to all customers for what they had to go through in the last years.”

The Cognetex plant was part of the Sant’Andrea Novara S.p.a. (ex Finlane), controlled by Euroschor, whose shareholders are NSC Group and the Orlandi family, owners of the same Sant’Andrea Novara S.p.a. .
On the 4th of April 2013 Sant’Andrea Novara S.p.a. , because of the high insolvency towards the suppliers, is passed under the Court control.

The recovery plan presented by the same Sant’Andrea Novara S.p.a. (largely funded by Euroschor), provided for the sale of both plants: Imola (Cognetex) and Novara (Sant’Andrea Novara S.p.a.) .

In late July 2014 Cognetex was sold to COGNE MACCHINE TESSILI S.P.A.
“We were aware of buying a company whit such great difficulties and problems, as much as we were comforted by the guarantee of buying all the Cognetex’s know-how, technical specifications of 60 years of textile machinery’s production and most of all the support of employees who have guarded the knowledge of these 60 years” confirms Mr.Roberto Aponi.

COGNE MACCHINE TESSILI S.P.A. IS A is a new company composed by four shareholders:

- CURTI COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE S.P.A.: a well-established company with an annual turnover of 70 million euros, operating in different sectors such as packaging, energy, wire processing, mechanical processing.

- ELETTRONICA IMOLESE Ltd: a company with about 80 employees and annual sales of about 10 million euros, dedicated to the design, construction and installation of industrial automation.

- MR.MANLIO NOBILI, who holds the position of President

- MR.ROBERTO APONI, who holds the position of General Manager.

All the shareholders come from Imola area, exactly where the plant is located, and their history is deeply linked to Cognetex as the last two that covered managerial roles in the same Cognetex until the half of the ’90.
COGNE MACCHINE TESSILI S.P.A. immediately put into production all the machines both for the synthetic fiber processing both for the woolen covering lines with Stretch breaking machine, Re-breaking machine, Defeltering integrated intersecting, Intersecting, Rubbing finisher, Spinning Frame.

“A part from the spinning frame IDEA which production has never been suspended, we resumed the construction of all the machines whose production was stopped in 2010 upon the decision of Sant’Andrea Novara Spa and NSC. A considerable investment to rebuild molds and equipment has been indispensable but it allowed us to be ready to answer to customers’ requests” says Mr. Manlio Nobili, President of Cogne Macchine Tessili S.p.a.

“We are operating in major markets such as Iran, Italy, China, Turkey, Usa, India, where our agents, who know us personally from at least 20 years, believed in this new way, as we do. Thanks to them and obviously thanks to customers who decided, starting from the very beginning, to give us confidence we are already in production with new machinery to cover the entire lines. However, the most important activity in which we are devoting a lot of resources is the resumption of spare parts’ supplying for all the machines installed, including Tematex and San Giorgio, trademarks related to Cognetex” underlines Mr.Roberto Aponi “Concluding, we are really proud to have undertaken this opportunity, which we’ll handle in the best way as we can, building up our works and activities on basical values such as quality, reliability and customer care, who comes always first for us.”